The Year That Wasn’t

12/10/2020 § Leave a comment

Except it was. Of course, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone but we have been lucky enough to sneak in a couple short tours before the pandemic hit, play a smattering of shows over the summer and fall, and scrape by with your, our listeners, support. To that end, below is a summary of our 2020 releases, for the completists out there who might have missed something, many of which are available as free or pay-what-you-can downloads:

AIDAN BAKER – solo & various collaborations from Broken Spine, Consouling Sounds, Gizeh Records, Karlrecords, A Red Thread / Torn Light Records, Grisaille, & Utility Tapes:

NADJA – we released a couple live recordings & a remix collection this year, but nothing brand new (apart from the physical LP edition of Stripped)…however, there will be a new full-length from us, Luminous Rot, in 2021 – stay tuned for details:

HYPNODRONE ENSEMBLE – Aidan’s collaborative space-/drone-/krautrock ensemble with Thisquietarmy released a live album with Midira Records & a new full-length (completed remotely during lockdown) with a total of 15 musicians on Wolves & Vibrancy Records:

WERL – Aidan’s collaborative duo with drummer Tomas Järmyr released a live cassette with Katuktu Collective &, performing as a trio with bass-clarinetist Gareth Davis, a live LP on Midira Records:

Here’s hoping 2021 shapes up to be a better year – stay strong, stay healthy!

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