About Us

The BSP Agenda:

Broken Spine Productions is a label/publisher/art-thing initiated in 2010 to produce and disseminate the artistic projects of Aidan Baker, Leah Buckareff, Nadja, Coldsnap Bindery, and other affiliated enterprises.

Note: We only release our own material, so there’s no point in sending us your demos. Even if we like the music, we can’t release it.

The BSP webshop can be found here where you can buy BSP and other releases by BSP artists. The BSP Bandcamp page can be found here if you want to listen to or download (both mp3 and lossless) some of our music. A number of out-of-print releases (with little chance of seeing re-issue) are available as pay-what-you-want downloads. You can also find music to listen to/download on Aidan’s Bandcamp and the Nadja Bandcamp page.

BSP can be contacted probably through some form on WordPress or directly at brokenspineprods@gmail.com — or you can just subscribe to this blog.

§ 6 Responses to About Us

  • Peter D'Elia says:

    i saw nadja play recently in berlin for the outdoor event called ‘purge’.
    i’ve been into nadja’s music for a few years and i was thrilled that i got to see them and now i’m under the impression that they’re based in berlin.
    is this the case?

    i don’t see that ‘purge’ show listed here, though.
    how can i keep up with where nadja is playing in berlin?

    peter d’elia

  • All shows, past and present, are listed here:


    Alternately, you can sign up for our mailing list here:


    And, yes, we are currently based in Berlin!


  • i love you for the sound that you leave in my neuro transmitters…i’d give ya’ll all my songs just to hear them done with such beauty and such it’s opposite…The word sublime in it’s true meaning…the trembling malignancy of a conflation of an undeniable suspension of polemics.
    thank you.

  • mutt R says:

    next to jane woodman & zoe keating covering “sister europe”, DAGDROM is the best thing i’ve heard in years.

  • Sean Poluk says:

    Hello, My name is Sean Poluk and I am modern blues recording artist. Last year I released my first independent solo album, with some moderate success, reaching #6 on the Canadian Roots charts and #34 on the international blues charts. I am inquiring to see if your company would have an interest in working together on my next release. My website is below for your viewing.

    Thank You,
    Sean Poluk.

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