Broken Spine Catalogue

Broken Spine Productions Catalogue


BSP01 – Nadja / OvoThe Life & Death of a Wasp (01/04/2010: cd)
a co-operative release with Bar La Muerte Records

BSP02 – Aidan BakerThe Shape of Snakes (01/11/2010: book & book+7″)
a co-operative release with Averse Publishing

BSP03 – Aidan BakerOnly Stories (15/03/2011: 12″)
a co-operative release with The Kora Records

BSP04(a-thru-e) – Aidan BakerPlace Name #1-5 (25/05/2011: chapbook)

BSP05 – Nadja/PicastroFool, Redeemer (13/09/2011: 12″)
cd version on Alien8 Recordings

BSP06 – NadjaDagdrøm (30/10/2012: 12″/cd)
Japanese 2cd version on Daymare Recordings

BSP07 – NadjaTangled (01/04/2014: 7″)

BSP08 – Aidan Baker & Jakob ThiesenCNTNTL (30/01/2014: cassette)


BSPR01 – NadjaBodycage (18/01/2011: cd)

BSPR02 – NadjaThaumogenesis (15/05/2012: cd)

BSPR03 – NadjaRadiance Of Shadows (29/04/2014: cd)


BSPD01 – Aidan BakerTonstreifen (02/09/2011: file)

BSPD03 – Aidan BakerVariations On A Loop (14/02/2012: file)

BSPD04 – Aidan & Richard BakerVariations On A Loop (Rhythms) (01/05/2012: file)

BSPD05 – Aidan BakerIsolated Landscapes: A Singles Collection (10/08/2012: file)

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