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We have copies of the new Nadja album Flipper from Oaken Palace Records available now in our webstore. Limited to 500 copies, pressed on clear vinyl, this album is dedicated to Whale & Dolphin Conservation.


Flipper features guest contributions from string-players Peter Broderick (of Efterklang) and Angela Chan (of A-sun Amissa). The album is streamable and available for download below on the Nadja page.


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Nadja’s forthcoming LP Flipper is now available for pre-order from Oaken Palace Records, including a few package deals where you can get other Oaken Palace releases (which includes Caudal, of course). Oaken Palace is a charitable record label, with all proceeds going to various environmental agencies. Nadja‘s album is dedicated to whales and dolphins.

The first track from Flipper can be streamed above. This album is a much more minimal, subdued affair, with brief moments of heaviness, and features guest contributions from Angela Chan (of A-Sun Amissa, among others) and Peter Broderick on strings.

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