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Imperfection, Nadja’s collaborative album with Vampillia, originally released on CD in conjunction with our 2014 Japanese tour, is now newly available on LP from Throne Records. It is available to order from the label or directly from us in the Broken Spine webshop/.

In perfromance news, Nadja will be playing a free show, presented by the CTM Festival, at Urban Spree in Berlin on July 27 with Sun Worship and DJ James Kelly – more info here.

Sun Worship + Nadja, Berlin

Following that, we will be heading out on a short tour of Poland:

30.07 – Wroclaw at Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław
31.07 – Warsaw at Klub Hydrozagadka
01.08 – Gdansk at Protokultura
02.08 – Poznan at LAS

Nadja - Warsaw

The Imperfection of The Solar System

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Our collaborative “doomhop” album with Italian duo Uochi Toki is now available from Corpoc Records:

This is available as a limited, vinyl-only (and digital) release, and comes in a hand silkscreened sleeve, with an 8-page insert. We have copies now in the Broken Spine Webshop and will have copies with us at these upcoming shows in Italy:

16-07-14: Bagnacciuga, Pesaro
18-07-14: Spazio211, Torino
19-07-14: Rock Valley Festival, Santa Maria della Versa, IT

Cystema Solari

We also have a couple leftover items from our Japan tour with Vampillia, the CD version of Tangled from Tokyo Jupiter Records and a tour-only CD collaboration with Vampillia, ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n:

Tangled CD

Rising Suns

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Nadja will be returning to Japan next week for another tour with Vampillia and, on select dates (Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka), Mick Barr’s duo Mossenek. Dates as follows and more info on the FB event page:

20-06-14: O-Nest, Tokyo
21-06-14: Vio, Nagoya
22-06-14: Conpass, Osaka
23-06-14: Crowbar, Tokushima
24-06-14: Caravan Sary, Kochi
25-06-14: Too Nice, Takamatsu
26-06-14: Bar Caezar, Matsuyama
27-06-14: Pepperland, Okayama
28-06-14: Bar Indoyou, Yamaguchi
29-06-14: O-Nest, Tokyo

Nadja in Japan poster

Aidan Baker will be playing the following solo shows in Tokyo as well, the first by himself and the second with a back-up band of local, Japanese musicians:

15-06-14: Superdeluxe, Tokyo
16-06-14: Koenji Showboat, Tokyo

Aidan in Japan

Nadja’s ‘grindgaze’ EP Tangled will also be released on CD by Tokyo Jupiter Records in conjunction with the tour, along with a Tangled t-shirt:

Tangled CD + Shirt

We have made a few of our leftover shirts from recently past tours available on the BSP webshop, if anyone missed out and would like one:

Nadja Savwo Shirt Nadja Tangled Shirt

We also have some long lost vinyl copies of Christ Send Light, our collaborative ep/single with NZ’s Black Boned Angel, released by Sound Devestation Records, available in the BSP webshop as well:

Burning машин

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Nadja will be playing at the Burn The Machine festival in Berlin this Thursday October 31.

Burn The Machine

There is a digital magazine/program available about the festival which you can download here.

In release news, we finally have both CD and LP copies of The Perfect World, our collaboration with Japan’s Vampillia on Important Records, in the BSP webshop and digitally here:

And in tour news, Nadja is heading off to Russia next week for five shows:

07-11-13: Зал ожидания, St. Petersburg, RU – w/ OvO
08-11-13: Куль, Moscow, RU – w/ OvO
09-11-13: Дом Печати, Ekaterinaberg, RU – w/ OvO
10-11-13: Marks, Volgograd, RU
11-11-13: Точка, Rostov-na-Donu, RU

After which we’ll be heading to South America for three weeks…stay tuned for more info…

Primitive Become Perfect

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Our collaborative album The Primitive World with Vampillia, originally released last year in conjunction with our Japanese tour, has been given a remastering, a slight remixing, an additional track, and rechristened The Perfect World.

The Perfect World

CD and LP versions of the new album are now available from Important Records. We will eventually have copies for sale in the Broken Spine Webshop, but if you want the limited coloured vinyl edition, please order directly from Important Records.

You can listen to and/or download the full album here:

Perfect Worlds

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Nadja & our friends from Japan Vampillia will be heading out on tour next week for some select dates in Western/Central Europe:

May 14 – Les Instants Chavires, Paris, FR *
May 15 – Magasin4, Brussels, BE *
May 16 – OCCII, Amsterdam, NL *
May 17 – DBs, Utrecht, NL *
May 18 – NK, Berlin, DE * ~
May 20 – Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE *
May 21 – Hühnermanhattan, Halle, DE *
May 22 – Pilot Klub, Prague, CZ *
May 23 – Rhiz, Vienna, AT *
May 24 – Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, AT
May 25 – W71, Weikersheim, DE
May 26 – Halle14, Karlsruhe, DE

* = w/ Attila Csihar as part of Vampillia
~ = w/ Crystal Shipsss

Nadja/Vampillia Poster Nadja/Vampillia Poster 2

The tour is in support of a forthcoming re-issue of Nadja & Vampillia‘s collaborative album The Primitive World, re-mastered, re-worked and with a new track and accordingly re-titled The Perfect World. This will be out shortly on CD and limited LP from Important Records. We should also have copies of our new LP Flipper due any day now from Oaken Palace Records.

Smudging Origins

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Two final releases for 2012:

Smudging, an album of experimental/drone/spacerock with live drums courtesy of Richard Baker (of ARC), a vinyl-only release by Backwards Records available in the BSP webstore and digitally:

Origins & Evolutions, four compositions for multiple guitars released by Install Sound, with contributions from the following guitarists: Jon Attwood (aka Yellow6), Mick Barr (of Orthrelm, Krallice, etc.), Bryan W. Bray (of Gates, Gardenia, etc.), David Daniell (of San Agustin), Jonathan Demers, Richard Graham (aka Signals Under Tests), N, JF Sebastian (aka Orange Swan), David Tagg, Vampillia, Matej Voglar, Brian Wenckebach (of Elika), Nigel Wright. The cd is available direct from Install (I should have copies myself shortly) or digitally here:

Hopefully that will tide everyone over until next year…

Primitive Loops

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We have copies of The Primitive World, our collaborative album with Japan’s Vampillia, released in conjunction with our recent Japanese tour, available here in our webstore or digitally below. It is available in Japan from Iscollage Collective and may see a domestic North America release one of these days…

We also have copies of AB’s 2CD Loop Studies collection from Paradigms Recordings available in the webstore. It’s exclusively available physically (oh, the novelty) at the moment, but should you like a preview, you can stream the tracks here:

I will have copies of both cds, among various other sundry releases, available on my solo tour with A-Sun Amissa starting next week:

15-02-12: West Germany, Berlin, DE (performing w/ Erik Skodvin & Andrea Belfi)
16-02-12: Astrostube, Hamburg, DE
17-02-12: Christuskirke, Bochum, DE (performing w/ Maik Parker of Kodiak)
18-02-12: (H)ear, Heerlen, NL (also w/ John Chantler)
19-02-12: DB’s, Utrecht, NL
20-02-12: Waggon, Offenbach, DE
21-02-12: Komma, Esslingen, DE
23-02-12: L’inventaire, Le Mans, FR
24-02-12: L’espace B, Paris, FR
25-02-12: Le Plané Ari Home, Wanquetin, FR

気晴らしのスペクトラム / Kibarashi no supekutoramu

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I have copies of my new (albeit not-quite-released) album The Spectrum of Distraction (official release date January 17 2012) available now on the Broken Spine Productions webstore for the Europeans who’d like to save on international shipping (North Americans can order it direct from Robotic Empire).

If you’d like to read some more about the album and sample a few tracks from the Complete Sessions (available as a download with the CD — almost 6 hours of music) you can do so here on Pitchfork, Exclaim, and The Post Rock (Deutsch).

And here are some photos highlighting Matt Smith‘s delightful illustrations:


In other release news, my (other) new solo album Closure Axioms is now available from Miskatonic Sound Lab and Nadja‘s The Bungled & The Botched has been newly re-issued on CD by Consouling Sounds (it’ll be in our webstore later this week).

And lastly some tourdates:

Nadja will be heading off to Japan in a few weeks for a few shows with our Important Records labelmates, Vampillia:

28-01-12: Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo
29-01-12: Unagidani Sunsui, Osaka
01-02-12: Club Quatro, Hiroshima
02-02-12: Voodoo Lounge, Fukuoka
03-02-12: Wakayama, Rub Luck Cafe
05-02-12: Soup, Tokyo (AB solo show only)

More info and tickets here.

And in February, I will be doing a solo tour with the UK trio A-Sun Amissa:

15-02-12: West Germany, Berlin, DE
16-02-12: Astrostube, Hamburg, DE
17-02-12: Christuskirke, Bochum, DE
18-02-12: (H)ear, Heerlen, NL
19-02-12: DB’s, Utrecht, NL
20-02-12: Waggon, Offenbach, DE
21-02-12: Komma, Esslingen, DE
22-02-12: tba
23-02-12: L’inventaire, Le Mans, FR
24-02-12: L’espace B, Paris, FR
25-02-12: Le Plané Ari Home, Wanquetin, FR


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