Stocking The Shelves

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We’ve restocked the BSP webshop with some older titles we found in storage whilst back in Canada if any of you missed out on them:

Thaumogenesis (2×12″ w/ a remix by James Plotkin and a bonus live cd)
The Bungled & The Botched (12″)
s/t (cd – collaboration with Black Boned Angel)
12012291920 / 1414101 (12″ – collaboration with Atavist)

After many delays, Scythling, the collaborative project between Nadja and members of Bloody Panda, is finally seeing a release on Aurora Borealis. CD is available now, LP still to come (we will have copies in the webshop, once we receive them).


Also, I contributed to The First Time I Heard Joy Divsion, first in a series of ebooks edited by Scott Heim (author of Mysterious Skin and We Disappear), available now from Amazon.

And in forthcoming release news, Leah and I contributed to TQA Records‘ Aural Diptych Series which you can pre-order here and listen to below (we will have some copies available ourselves, for those of you in Europe who’d like to get it directly from us).



PS: We’re now on Twitter, should you feel so inclined to follow us…

Documenting The Process 3

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Second in the Broken Spine cd re-issue series (the first being Bodycage) is Nadja‘s 2007 album Thaumogenesis, originally released on cd by Archive and long out of print (apart from the vinyl version on Important Records).

The official release date for Thaumogenesis is April 23, 2012 but we will have copies available on our upcoming tour. The album is available digitally here, though, if you just can’t wait for a physical copy:

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