Brick Moon Replica

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The debut release Brick Mask, plus the limited companion 7″ Half Moon, from Aidan‘s new trio B/B/S/ is now available from the Sonic Pieces/Miasmah Records Webshop. The CD version is not yet available but you can pre-order it.

LP cover
LP cover
7 Inch

A track each from the 12″ and the 7″ are streaming here:

New Year Of Snake Listenings

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Happy year of the Snake!

If anyone would like a teaser of songs from Caudal‘s forthcoming release Forever In Another World on Oaken Palace Records, here is a recording of our debut show in Berlin last month:

And if anyone would like to sample the first track from B/B/S/‘s likewise forthcoming debut Brick Mask on Miasmah Records, you can stream it here:

B/B/S/ will be heading out on a short tour at the end of the month:

01-23 @ Monarch, Berlin, DE
01-25 @ Christuskirche, Bochum, DE
01-26 @ Plane Ari Home Gigs/L’aurĂ©ole, Bethencourt, FR
01-27 @ Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE

And in other new project news, Adoran Aidan‘s collaborative project with Dorian Williamson (of Northumbria) will be releasing a full-length album with Consouling Sounds later this year. An unmastered excerpt of the first track from this album is streamable here:

Some of you may recognize Adoran‘s name from the Drone Compendium Series slowly making its way into the world via Beta-lactam Ring Records. I know this series has been long-delayed…but these LPs will eventually get out there! The third in the series, Mnemosyne‘s Air Grows Small Fingers, should be out soon!

And finally, here are a few older/out-of-print Aidan Baker/Nadja releases newly available on the BSP Bandcamp page as pay-what-you-want downloads:

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