Seeing Through Tableaus

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A new collaborative album, See Through with Aidan Baker on guitar, Jon Mueller (formerly of Pele) on drums, and Faith Coloccia (of Mamiffer) on vocals is out now on Gizeh Records.

The album is available physically from Gizeh and digitally here:

In performance news, Aidan Baker will be soundtracking a dance performance, TABLEAU – Kanon für vier Tänzer*innen, this month in Hamburg and Berlin:

16/19-05-19: Sprechwerk, Hamburg, DE
24/25-05-19: Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, DE

More info here

The Visual Spectrum

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Some new visual media:

A montage of the paintings by Manfred Naescher which accompany Nadja’s limited EP, Songs For Wong Kar-wai, third in a series of a biographical fanzine series from Wist Records, and coming out November 10:

Filmmaker Marie Elisa Scheidt has made a lovely video for Aidan Baker’s A Black Crow Flies, from the album Half Lives: Mountains Sweat Clouds on Gizeh Records:

And, lastly, a trailer for Emily Schultz’s book The Blondes, directed by Brian Joseph Davis, and with Nadja’s song Drown (from Flipper on Oaken Palace Records as the background soundtrack:

The Blondes from Brian Joseph Davis on Vimeo.

Half Shapes

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Aidan Baker’s latest solo album Half Lives is now available from Gizeh Records in the UK or from the Broken Spine Webshop in Europe. This album is widely distributed, so please hit up your local independent retailer, if you’re in other places…

And if you are still hankering after new music, the Hypnodrone Ensemble’s second release, The Shape of Space is now available for pre-order from Little Crack’d Rabbit (CD) or Calostro Recordings. Please note, the LP pre-order is limited to 100 copies of the translucent vinyl (regular black vinyl version will be available as of May 8). Sample an excerpt of the opening track here:

And if you’re in Berlin, come to our release party at Tiefgrund on May 31 – details here.

Half Ice Rivers

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In more new release news, Aidan Baker’s double CD album Half Lives, forthcoming in April from Gizeh Records, is now available for pre-order here. This album combines experimental/ambient sounds with slowcore/post-rock-ish songs, one cd more electric, the other more acoustic. Stream a sample track here:

And in re-issue news, Aidan Baker’s 7″ Same River Twice, originally released back in 2004 by Drone Records, has been newly repressed and is now available in the BSP webshop or digitally below:

In tour news, Nadja and Aidan Baker will be performing a few select dates next week in Iceland and Scandinavia:

07.03 – Mengi​, Reykjavik (Nadja & Aidan Baker sets)
11.03 – KB18, Copenhagen
12.03 – Music Lovers Records, Göteborg (AB solo in-store performance)
13.03 – Skjul Fyrs Sex, Göteborg
14.03 – Revolver, Oslo

Nadja - Copenhagen

Meu Coração Desafinada

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Gizeh Records has just released a digital ep, Tout Juste Sous La Surface, Je Guette + Remixes, as a companion release to Aidan’s album Already Drowning, along with a video of the for the title track online now:

The ep features remixes by Aidan himself, thisquietarmy, A.R.C. Soundtracks, and Schneider TM, whose remix is streaming here:

And in touring news, we will be heading to South America this week for shows in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile:


21-11-13: Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro, BR
24-11-13: A Obra, Belo Horizonte, BR
28-11-13: SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, BR
29-11-13: SESC Sorocaba, Sorocaba, BR
30-11-13: Dame Dame, Curitiba, BR
04-12-13: Zaguan Sur, Buenos Aires, AG
06-12-13: Centro Icone, Santiago, CL
07-12-13: Centro Icone, Santiago, CL

Aidan Baker:

22-11-13: Comuna, Rio de Janeiro, BR
27-11-13: Sensorial Discos, São Paulo, BR
01-12-13: NEU Club, São Paulo, BR

Nadja will be releasing a new album in conjunction with the tour, Queller, with Essence Music. This will be readily available after the tour from us and the label, but for now here is a short teaser clip from the opening track:

This Is A Photograph Of Me

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Already Drowning is now available for pre-order from Gizeh Records. The LP edition is limited to 300 copies, so if you want one, act accordingly!

Already Drowning cover

The full album is streamable, for a limited time, on Exclaim.

Here are a few press quotes if you want to read what other people think about the album:

Already Drowning isn’t all soft water sounds: in one of the albums’ greatest moments the tempest of doom that swirls through Nadja emerges on ‘Tout Juste Sous La Surface, Je Guette’ [vocals by Geneviève Castrée, aka O Paon].” – BlogTO

“Schöne Nixen und hässliche Sirenen locken mit Wehklagen und Schmeichelstimme, man möchte trösten, helfen, und wird schliesslich vom brausenden Strudel in die Tiefe gerissen.” – 78s

“[T]extured this is! With reversed vocals, lots of guitar parts, spacey drums and all sorts of late 60s studio techniques to keep this psychedelic. But a piece like ‘Mein Zwilling, Mein Verlorener’ [vocals by Joanna Kupnicka] is on the other hand deceivingly simple, with just repeated guitar patterns, accordion, vocals and a set of drums that remind me of John Densmore’s more jazzy parts in The Doors.” – Vital Weekly

Lastly, I did an interview with the Berlin monthly Exberliner recently if you want to read some more background on the album.

Der Seltene Fang

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My new solo album Already Drowning has just been announced for release April 15 2013 from Gizeh Records. This album is a much more structured than previous releases, with each track featuring a guest vocalist, and is something of a song-cycle inspired by myths and folktales of female water spirits like Mélusine, Lorelei, and Rusalka. The first and title track is streaming here:

And if you visit the Gizeh Records site, you can download it as part of their new releases sampler.

Clara Engel sings on the title track. The other guest vocalists are: Jessica Bailiff, Valérie Niederoest & Maude Oswald (from Toboggan), Joanna Kupnicka (from The Cold Hand), Geneviève Castrée (aka Ô Paon), Liz Hysen (from Picastro), and Carla Bozulich (from Evangelista, The Geraldine Fibbers).

I will be touring in support of the album in the UK/EU next month with A-Sun Amissa:

17-02-13: Mad Ferret, Preston, UK
18-02-13: Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK
19-02-13: Taylor John’s, Coventry, UK
20-02-13: The Exchange, Bristol, UK
21-02-13: Cafe Oto, London, UK
22-02-13: Poortegebouw, Rotterdam, NL
23-02-13: Vera, Grongingen, NL
24-02-13: Gängeviertel Fabrik, Hamburg, DE
25-02-13: Best Monday Ever, Copenhagen, DK
26-02-13: 1000Fryd, Aalborg, DK
27-02-13: Ljud, Aarhus, DK
01-03-13: Schokoladen, Berlin, DE

AB/A-Sun Amissa Poster

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