Burning машин

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Nadja will be playing at the Burn The Machine festival in Berlin this Thursday October 31.

Burn The Machine

There is a digital magazine/program available about the festival which you can download here.

In release news, we finally have both CD and LP copies of The Perfect World, our collaboration with Japan’s Vampillia on Important Records, in the BSP webshop and digitally here:

And in tour news, Nadja is heading off to Russia next week for five shows:

07-11-13: Зал ожидания, St. Petersburg, RU – w/ OvO
08-11-13: Куль, Moscow, RU – w/ OvO
09-11-13: Дом Печати, Ekaterinaberg, RU – w/ OvO
10-11-13: Marks, Volgograd, RU
11-11-13: Точка, Rostov-na-Donu, RU

After which we’ll be heading to South America for three weeks…stay tuned for more info…

Place Name Aquí

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I have made my book of poetry Place Name available as a digital book, along with two new 12-string acoustic guitar tracks, from the Broken Spine Bandcamp page:

This book was originally published in 2005 and has been out of print for several year. It is something of a poetic travelogue with writings about my travels in experiences in Canada (for the most part).

And in tour news, Caudal will be playing Berlin this Saturday and then heading out for a short Spanish tour next week:

Caudal + Brabrabra
21-09-13: Antje Öklesund, Berlin

Caudal‘s Spanish shows:

25-09-13: Sala Siroco, Madrid
26-09-13: Ibu Hots, Vitoria
27-09-13: Trinkete Antitxokoa, Guernika
28-09-13: Bar Ambigú, Bilbao

Aidan Baker solo shows in Spain:

Aidan Baker y Narcoleptica
30-09-13: La Faena II, Madrid

Aidan Baker + Cam Deas
01-10-13: Freedonai, Barcelona

Primitive Become Perfect

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Our collaborative album The Primitive World with Vampillia, originally released last year in conjunction with our Japanese tour, has been given a remastering, a slight remixing, an additional track, and rechristened The Perfect World.

The Perfect World

CD and LP versions of the new album are now available from Important Records. We will eventually have copies for sale in the Broken Spine Webshop, but if you want the limited coloured vinyl edition, please order directly from Important Records.

You can listen to and/or download the full album here:

Synth Studies

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Now available: A free digital release from Aidan Baker, a collection of “Synth Studies,” recorded live-in-studio on a cheap casio keyboard with a bunch of effect pedals:


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We have copies of the new Nadja album Flipper from Oaken Palace Records available now in our webstore. Limited to 500 copies, pressed on clear vinyl, this album is dedicated to Whale & Dolphin Conservation.


Flipper features guest contributions from string-players Peter Broderick (of Efterklang) and Angela Chan (of A-sun Amissa). The album is streamable and available for download below on the Nadja page.

New Year Of Snake Listenings

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Happy year of the Snake!

If anyone would like a teaser of songs from Caudal‘s forthcoming release Forever In Another World on Oaken Palace Records, here is a recording of our debut show in Berlin last month:

And if anyone would like to sample the first track from B/B/S/‘s likewise forthcoming debut Brick Mask on Miasmah Records, you can stream it here:

B/B/S/ will be heading out on a short tour at the end of the month:

01-23 @ Monarch, Berlin, DE
01-25 @ Christuskirche, Bochum, DE
01-26 @ Plane Ari Home Gigs/L’auréole, Bethencourt, FR
01-27 @ Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE

And in other new project news, Adoran Aidan‘s collaborative project with Dorian Williamson (of Northumbria) will be releasing a full-length album with Consouling Sounds later this year. An unmastered excerpt of the first track from this album is streamable here:

Some of you may recognize Adoran‘s name from the Drone Compendium Series slowly making its way into the world via Beta-lactam Ring Records. I know this series has been long-delayed…but these LPs will eventually get out there! The third in the series, Mnemosyne‘s Air Grows Small Fingers, should be out soon!

And finally, here are a few older/out-of-print Aidan Baker/Nadja releases newly available on the BSP Bandcamp page as pay-what-you-want downloads:

End Of Days

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As the penultimate month of 2012 nears its end, we’ve a few last shows of the year to announce. Nadja will be performing in Israel (assuming the ceasefire holds) for the first time on December 6 at Uganda in Jerusalem and December 7 at Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv.

Aidan will be opening for Scott Kelly of Neurosis at Jägerklause in Berlin on December 14.

And lastly, Caudal, Aidan‘s new “rock” band, will be playing their debut show December 15 at Antje Øeklesund in Berlin (presented by Cranky Booking).

Here is a rough mix of one of the tracks from Caudal‘s forthcoming debut on the UK charitable label Oaken Palace Records:

And if anyone might be interested in what we are listening to ourselves these days, we did three mp3 “mixtapes” recently for your downloading pleasure: CVLT Nation: Sonic Cathedrals Vol LXXVIII, Secret Thirteen Mix 034, and
Self-Titled Mag: Needle Exchange #112.

And lastly, here’s an older, out-of-print solo album from Aidan available as a pwyw download: Periodic.

Stocking The (Virtual) Shelves

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We have a number of releases from Nadja, Aidan Baker, ARC, and Whisper Room available digitally on our Bandcamp page at a free or pay-what-you-want rate, should you feel inclined to give a donation.

Here, for your convenience, is a complete list of those albums:

[A] deep, autumnal tone, / Sweet though in sadness

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Having survived the trolls of Scandinavia and the roads of Eastern Europe, we’ll be winging westward next month for a few shows in our old stomping grounds, the first in over two years:

17-06-12: The Garrison, Toronto, ON – w/ Picastro (part of the NXNE Festival)
18-06-12: Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, Montreal, QC – w/ Grouper & Picastro
20-06-12: Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY – w/ Noveller & Lazurite
21-06-12: Kungfu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA – w/ James Plotkin

I won’t be playing any solo shows whilst in Canada, so to make up for that here is a recording of my show at Soup in Tokyo last February:

Free Music Archive: Aidan Baker – Live @ Soup – Tokyo, JP – 2012-05-02.

“Jag dras in som en nattfjäril och jag flyger norrut igen…”

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Happy International Workers’ Day!

In the spirit of socialism, here’s a free album to download:

Nadja is flying north next week for a Scandinavian tour with additional dates in the Baltics and Poland, ending up back in Berlin in time for Occulto Fest:

09-05-12: Alte Meierei, Kiel, DE
10-05-12: KB18, Copenhagen, DK
11-05-12: tba, Malmo, SE
12-05-12: Revolver, Oslo, NO
13-05-12: Betong, Oslo, NO (AB solo show)
15-05-12: Fyklingen, Stockholm, SE
17-05-12: Dynamo, Turku, FI
18-05-12: Von Krahl Bar, Tallinn, ES
19-05-12: Kino Balle, Liepaja, LV
20-05-12: XI20, Vlinius, LT
22-05-12: Sen Pszczoły, Warsaw, PL
23-05-12: Alchemie, Krakow, PL
26-05-12: Occulto Fest, Berlin, DE

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