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The second album, Children of Mars, from Adoran, Aidan Baker’s bass and drums dronesludge duo with Dorian Williamson on Northumbria is out now on Consouling Sounds. It is available directly from the label here or the BSP webshop. Those of you in North America will be able to get it directly from a href=”http://northumbria.bandcamp.com”>Northumbria shortly.

Children of Mars was recorded at Polyphasic Studios in Toronto and mastered by James Plotkin (as was our self-titled debut), and features artwork by Karlynn Holland:

In performance news, Aidan Baker will be performing solo at the Hermetic Chamber Festival at Marie Antoinette’s in Berlin on 10.09:

And then embarking on a short tour in northern Italy:

15.09 – Freakout Club, Bologna – w/ Uochi Toki
16-09 – Via Mazzini 66, Ravenna
17-09 – tba
18.09 – Altroquando, Zero Branco
19.09 – Stay At Home Festival, Bagnaria (Udine)
20.09 – Nerodiseppia (afternoon/acoustic) & Spazio Aereo (evening/electic), Venice

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  • Donovan Friesen says:

    I just ordered a copy of Adoran’s second album from an American retailer and it arrived today. The second track on the disc is 37:48 long and has a hidden track. Does it have a name?

    Also, I noticed the track here is called Phobos but on my disc is the first track, Deimos:

    Did I get a wonky copy or some of that track title wrong? (or perhaps the tracks on the disc should be reversed…)

  • Hi Donovan,

    The bonus track does not have a name, no, it’s just a leftover fragment from the recording sessions…

    The tracks on the cd are in the right order, the soundcloud link of E&D has the wrong title.


  • Donovan Friesen says:

    Cool, thanks!

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