“Jag dras in som en nattfjäril och jag flyger norrut igen…”

05/01/2012 § 5 Comments

Happy International Workers’ Day!

In the spirit of socialism, here’s a free album to download:

Nadja is flying north next week for a Scandinavian tour with additional dates in the Baltics and Poland, ending up back in Berlin in time for Occulto Fest:

09-05-12: Alte Meierei, Kiel, DE
10-05-12: KB18, Copenhagen, DK
11-05-12: tba, Malmo, SE
12-05-12: Revolver, Oslo, NO
13-05-12: Betong, Oslo, NO (AB solo show)
15-05-12: Fyklingen, Stockholm, SE
17-05-12: Dynamo, Turku, FI
18-05-12: Von Krahl Bar, Tallinn, ES
19-05-12: Kino Balle, Liepaja, LV
20-05-12: XI20, Vlinius, LT
22-05-12: Sen Pszczoły, Warsaw, PL
23-05-12: Alchemie, Krakow, PL
26-05-12: Occulto Fest, Berlin, DE

Nadja Poster

(bonus points to anyone who can figure our what the google-translated title of this post refers to)

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§ 5 Responses to “Jag dras in som en nattfjäril och jag flyger norrut igen…”

  • Donovan Friesen says:

    Thomas Dolby’s “Flying North”?

  • You mean you don’t have a copy of The Golden Age Of Wireless?

    • Donovan Friesen says:

      Can’t say I do. When I was looking up the translated quote though, I did discover he was the “She Blinded Me With Science” guy, and I definitely knew that song!

      As far as synthy music goes, I prefer minimal wave-style stuff (www.minimalwave.com) as it seems darker and less campy or overtly-poppy (although half the perceived camp is simply due to the over-use of synths to the point of self-parody in the intervening years).

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