Distracting Spectrums

11/24/2011 § 2 Comments

I have a new a solo release, The Spectrum of Distraction, coming out January 17, 2012 with Robotic Empire. This will be a 2CD album, containing 96 tracks edited and designed in such a way as to be played on random, and features contributions from 18 different drummers:

Mac McNeily (The Jesus Lizard), Ted Parsons (Swans, Godflesh, Jesu, Prong, & many others), David Dunnett (Ca Va Mal), Brandon Valdivia (Picastro), Richard Baker (ARC), Victor Cirone, Jakob Thiesen (Whisper Room, Nadja), Thor Harris (The Angels of Light, Shearwater, Swans), Geoff Summers (Batillus), Alessandro Curvaia (Shora), Simon Scott (Slowdive), Steven Hess (Locrian, Panamerican), Bruno Dorella (OvO), H. Walker (Kerretta), Andrew Crawshaw, Kevin Micka (Animal Hospital), Phil Petrocelli (Jesu, Great Falls, Grey Machine), & myself.

Aidan Baker - The Spectrum of Distraction - art by Matt Smith

The album is available for pre-order from Robotic Empire here. The 2CD also comes with a download card for the complete, unedited sessions that made up this album — almost 6 hours of music! You can stream the ‘first’ track from the album, “At War With The Evil Power Master” (drums by Phil Petrocelli), here on my Bandcamp page:

(Obviously, these tracks should flow seamlessly together, which they don’t in the stream, but hopefully it’ll give you an idea what to expect)

The artwork for the album is by Matt Smith, whose work you may recognize from Nadja’s covers album, When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV.

§ 2 Responses to Distracting Spectrums

  • andreas schulz says:

    dear aidan, thank you very much for the show at marie-antoinette`s. it was, as ever, a very intensive hour of listening and enjoying your music.greatings to leah!!
    question: is it only possible to get your new production SPECTRUM OF DISTRUCTION over robotic empire?i tried to pay with paypal but always got linked to a page where i have to pay nearly 10 $ delivery extra.any other solution?

    its funny that you sent me the link to this project, that you already worked and work with “real” drummers! i like the idea of playing a concert with you both in berlin or elsewhere. i discussed it with my friend who accompanioned me last wednesday. thinking about real drumming maybe is the end of an art project.see you working on stage looks like watching some kind of surgery. your work in silence, slow motion and less moving.the table with your tools….everything is in its place. it could be a possibility if the drummer stays in the dark?!
    whatever, thank you for your artwork.

  • I will have copies for sale myself, either in our webstore or at upcoming Berlin shows (NK Marz 14, for example).

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