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Beta-Lactam Ring Records has announced a new 7LP series involving myself and various musical projects I am/have been involved with entitled Drone Compendium.

Drone Compendium

Beginning the end of May 2011 and over the course of the year, the first 6 LPs of the series will be available individually and the 7th will be exclusively available to subscribers to the entire series.

The series includes the following:

mt249 Aidan BakerPure Drone
Two tracks of, well, pure drone…minimal ambient guitar

mt250 ARCSomewhere There
A live recording of an ARC performance 02-02-2010 in Toronto…improvisational experimental percussive ambient

mt251 MnemosyneThe Air Grows Small Fingers
Four tracks from the debut (and only) full-length by Mnemosyne, a now-defunct trio of myself, Richard Baker (drums), and Rodin Columb (bass), originally released in 2004 by Toronto’s Piehead Records (also now-defunct)…mellow post-rock meets propulsive space-rock

mt252 Aidan Baker/Thomas Baker/Alan BloorTerza Rima II
A recording of a live, improvised performance at The Ambient Ping in Toronto, 08-10-2002 with myself, my father, Thomas Baker (piano), and Alan Bloor aka Knurl (amplified metal works), originally released (although in a slightly different edit) on Public Eyesore Records in 2003…ambient noise jazz

mt253 Whisper RoomLongjing
Sophomore release from the trio of myself, Neil Wiernik aka Naw (bass), and Jakob Thiesen (drums)…propulsive ambient krautrock

mt254 AdoranEgregore
Debut release from the duo of myself (on drums) and Dorian Williamson of Holoscene (bass)…experimental ambient drone-sludge

mt255 NadjaStripped
Six Nadja songs you all know and love stripped down and performed acoustically…doom psych folk (or something)

And in other news, Nadja will be heading out on tour next week with our friend Galena — full list of dates here.

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