Only Stories/Documenting the Process 2

02/05/2011 § Leave a comment

More folding & bagging (plus inserting, this time) as I work at assembling my new solo album Only Stories, a forthcoming 12″ co-operatively released by The Kora Records and Broken Spine, which comes in a folded, letterpressed, heavy-weight paper sleeve, custom designed and handprinted by Douglas from The Kora Records:

the 2 separate panels making up the cover...

the 2 panels inserted into each other...

the panels folded shut around the record & secured within a plastic sleeve...

Only Stories continues with the ‘drone folk’ style established on my previous album with The Kora Records, Scalpel; simple, spare songs with quiet vocals and minimal background drones, all sounds produced by 6- and 12-string guitars.

The official release date for Only Stories is March 15, 2011 but it will soon be available for pre-order on The Kora Records (for the North Americans) and our webstore (for the Europeans).

In the meantime, the album can be streamed on our Bandcamp page and I will be performing songs from the album and have copies for sale at these upcoming shows:

Aidan Baker:
Feb 6 @ Bis Auf’s Messer, Berlin – w/ Rivulets
Feb 18 @ Subrosa, Dortmund – w/ Rivulets
Feb 19 @ Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt – w/ Rivulets
Feb 20 @ Kuze, Potsdam – w/ Rivulets
Mar 5 @ The Live Looping Festival, Antwerp – w/ Theo Travis, Yellow6, & others

Feb 9 @ Conne Island, Leipzig – w/ Kayo Dot
Feb 26 @ The Heliosphere Festival, Tallinn – w/ Circle, Ben Frost, AmenRa, Year of No Light & many others
Mar 4 @ Der Christuskirche, Bochum – w/ N
Mar 10 @ Control Club, Bucharest
Mar 12 @ Daos Club, Timisoara

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