11/28/2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve just launched a Broken Spine Bandcamp page for the dissemination of digital downloads (vbr mp3 and lossless formats). We’ve upped a couple pay-what-you-want albums as well, including the vinyl mix of Under the Jaguar Sun which features our mix of the 2 separate cds from the cd release.

Nb: if anyone’s wondering at the flurry of recent activity…we’ve been attempting to take greater control of our output so that we actually see more of the profit from our artistic endeavours (and, accordingly, are better able to continue making art and music)…so if you purchase files from our bandcamp page, the money goes straight to us, unlike downloads via the usual channels (iTunes, Emusic, what-have-you), which more often than not filters through who knows how many number of virtual hands before reaching us (if it ever does).

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