Reissues, Store Additions, etc….

08/23/2010 § Leave a comment

For lack of any more relevent/recent news, we’ll drop a teaser for our upcoming cd reissue series, which will include reissues of Bodcage and Thaumogenesis, in letterpressed, hand-made sleeves…details to come…We’ve also launched a Google Group for Broken Spine activities, so if you’d like to sign up, feel free to do so here.

Also, if you haven’t checked out our webstore recently, we’ve added the following items, among others:

Nadja – Autopergamene CD (including a last few copies of the limited boxset edition)
Nadja – Corrasion 2xLP
Aidan Baker – Songs of Flowers & Skin CD
Aidan Baker – Thoughtspan LP (last few copies)

Broken Spine Shop

And in related news, check out Leah’s latest art project The Wunderkabinet, if you haven’t already…


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